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Important Church Update

posted Jun 3, 2017, 12:32 PM by Web Admin

Good Shepherd Lutheran church update:

May 27th 2017


  1. We have given notice to the Seventh Day Adventist Church that we will vacate at the end of July.  We are up to date on our payments to them.

  2. The Palms of Mt. Pleasant has us on their calendar to use their meeting room on Sundays starting August 6th, unless other arrangements have been made.

  3. The Franke at Seaside chapel is not available for our use on Sunday mornings or afternoons.

  4. Pastor has been in communication with the CCSD District 2 Facilities administrator.  We have asked to tour the  Mt. Pleasant Academy, Laing Middle school. Moultrie Middle school and Sullivan's Island Elementary to see if they have any rooms that would be suitable for worship and classes on a long term basis. Rental depends on the size of the room. Non- school organizations are expected to provide their own liability and property damage insurance, we are checking to see whether the church policy meets CCSD minimums. We also have to provide proof of 501c 3 status but that should not be a problem.

  5. We have not abandoned the possibility being in the West Ashley area, but as of yet most of the storefront locations are either too expensive, or are not feasible because of parking, location, or the facilities are not conducive to worship.

  6. Pastor and Carol are considering a change to their healthcare plan which would save the church money in monthly payments.  We will likely leave the Concordia plan for healthcare.

  7. We're in communication with Church Creek Presbyterian church on the use of the Charleston Christian School's chapel.  It wouldn't work for Sunday mornings but possibly Sunday afternoon or evening, and then we could have a Sunday morning service in Mt. Pleasant.